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Wait a minute?! January 29, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Ms.M @ 10:06 pm

I absolutely love this book. The shock value alone does wonders for reluctant readers. Of course the fact that I read most of it aloud probably helps. We got to the part where The Giver finally tells Jonas what his “capacity to see beyond” really is. He can see colors, more specifically he can see Red at this point. In every single class it was the same collective “Whoa, hold on!, did he just say that there USED to be colors in the community?” Yup, they got rid of colors, Sameness remember. “So everyone’s the same color?” Yup. “And everything they see is black and white?” Yup. “And everyone’s the same color?” Yup. The questions were flying today!

I’m also glad that every class caught onto one of the more important reasons why the community decided to eliminate color and differences in the first place: racism and discrimination. I was worried that they would just see this as some weird community, and miss that part of it.


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