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comeback kid February 7, 2008

Filed under: student teaching — Ms.M @ 2:34 am

It’s official; I hit the half-way mark today! Four observed lessons done, four observed lessons to go. My midterm review brought no awful and shocking surprises, which is nice. I seem to have made a complete recovery and come back swinging; and this feels like a full circle moment, even though it’s more of a half circle moment with good momentum. The end of The Giver is near, which means on to bigger and better things, like preparing for the elephant in the room: school wide testing. I hate everything about these tests, and I’m not looking forward to having anything at all to do with them. Practicing for any test seems silly to me, but practicing for a test that’s “supposed” to measure what you still need to work on, seems to go beyond absurdity.


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