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I like teams better February 10, 2008

Filed under: student teaching — Ms.M @ 10:21 pm

Since I’ve been in student teaching (so the past almost 6 weeks) I’ve experienced quite a few parent meetings. Parents who come in because of student grades, or student behavior, or a variety of other things. Some ask to come in, others are asked to come in, but it’s been a different experience every time. I’ve mostly been a silent observer, but I did actively participate in one because my cooperating teacher had called out sick that day and it had been literally months of phone calls before this parent decided to finally call back and set a date. But the nice thing about that is it didn’t feel like a pressured situation at all because it wasn’t one on one, it was five voices saying this is what we can do, what can you do?

The one thing I do like about the middle school level is that teachers work in teams, so parents do get a more complete picture of what’s happening on a daily basis in one meeting than they would trying to set up six individual conferences with teachers at a high school, if they even take that initiative. Not to mention how nice it is to just have contact with a variety of other teachers throughout the course of a week, another thing that’s missing in high schools.

I don’t know why I didn’t make that connection before, I think it was still the Dead Poet’s Society fantasy that was still lingering in my mind. I don’t like being a solitary teacher sitting in a solitary classroom, with too many students to even remember let alone get to know.


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