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learning networks February 25, 2008

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Truth be told, I’m not a hundred percent sure that I know what a “learning network” is exactly.  I’m assuming it’s a network of people that can somehow communicate ideas with one another and work off of one another’s thoughts to learn something new either individually or collectively or both.  Not that that’s a new concept particularly, it has just gotten easier to carry out with a wider variety of people in different geographic locations (at least in theory).

It reminds me of the sort of social learning that went on in the “metaphysical club” back in the day, but a bit more high tech, not necessarily focused on philosophy, and without the Ivy League connection.

I wonder what would happen if the right people could get together and form a learning network that had a real lasting positive impact? I wonder what impact technology will have on the formation of these types of networks in the future?

I wonder when I’ll become part of a learning network?


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