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work in progress April 3, 2008

Filed under: Dear Diary...,Education — Ms.M @ 3:20 pm

There’s something fairly strange about public schooling, or schooling in general K-12, and that is that it seems like such an amazing work in progress even after more than a hundred years.  It’s full of opportunity yet discouragement, freedom for learning yet forced learning as well.  It seems to hold the worst and best of everything that we currently know about what it means to be a learner, a teacher, a child, or an adult.  In it’s most idealistic moments it seems the perfect bubbling brew of learning events and activities.  At it’s worst, it seems nothing more than a rotating wheel of bells and whistles hoping to coax and prod a group of people along until they’re off on their merry way.  In between those two extremes are relationships built and broken, lives lived, memories made, and some sense that learning has happened somewhere, somehow.


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