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Cleaning lady/chaperone/mind reader/teacher May 3, 2008

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My first week of classroom takeover has been eventful.  The school atmosphere in general: not that friendly I must say.  I’m thinking part of that has to do with the number of people that have been filling in bits and pieces of the year, none of them very long-term.  According to the students there have been about 8 teachers since the start of the school year, some of them only subbing for about a week.  The full time teacher, who went on medical leave, i guess has been in and out throughout the year, and finally decided (or was asked?) to take the rest of the year off.  Which means that I have no idea what they’ve learned, talked about, or read this year and no one else (besides the students) seems to know either.  You would think there would have been some sort of written record of work, but that seems to have gone missing.

I ordered supplies, but should have thought to clear out the teacher’s desk first. A lot of what I ordered I already had it was just hiding under piles of junk.  I thankfully had a chance to do some cleaning yesterday, only because I couldn’t function in the room otherwise.  I found that the teacher’s desk drawers–under a random assortment of papers and an amazing number of sticky note blocks–were overflowing with stuff including two coffee mugs with coffee still stuck in them,  an odd assortment of highlighters, hard candy, and quite a few snack bags full of animal crackers.

I’ve already been on one field trip, and have recently found out that there will be two more before the end of the year.

I have no idea what will happen next.


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