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Graffiti=writing May 13, 2008

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I loved hearing the students read their descriptive writing today.  We’ve been using the artwork of Andrew Wyeth as a springboard for creative writing.  In particular this past week they’ve created stories based on two paintings: Christina’s World & Chambered Nautilus. Some of the similes and sensory details the students came up with were really creative.

Giving students a workshop on presenting was also a great idea, but admittedly not my own.  Seeing some students turn into a ball of nerves just standing up in front of the class did bring back some personal memories.  Having been there, I can definitely relate.  Hearing them encourage each other and give both positive feedback and constructive criticism blew me away (it’s shown me it’s something they want to do).  I was worried that students would be too harsh, or too easy, but most of the time they were really better judges of each other than I sometimes am.

It’s been a good week thus far.

On another note, the room is finally starting to feel more complete.  It is now full of student graffiti a.k.a student examples of strong sensory details from their stories (one way I’ve decided to use the white boards), so it’s finally becoming a little more colorful as well.  What I’ve discovered: students like any opportunity to write on a white board.

One thing I’m not looking forward to though is the end of this week, because progress report grades are due.  I honestly don’t feel I have the right to grade these kids only having gotten to know them in the past two weeks.  But so it goes…


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