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something’s not connecting May 15, 2008

Filed under: Education,Uncategorized — Ms.M @ 8:06 pm

We’re slowly working our way into Freak the Mighty.  As a sort of an intro, for one class I used a short article directed toward middle schoolers about labeling or stereotyping other students.  It definitely led to the oddest conversation I’ve had thus far with this group, and a shocking insight into how much they do know about this topic, and yet how confused they seem to be at the same time.  They seemed to waver back and forth so often I honestly don’t know if it went anywhere.  In one breath students would say things like “labeling is wrong…and no, I wouldn’t want to be labeled.” In another they’d claim it a known fact that jocks aren’t that bright, and Emo kids all cut themselves.  And yet getting them to realize that they were participating in making labels stick by saying/believing those things wasn’t reaching them, at least not obviously so.

There was one bright moment when one of the girls mentioned movies and T.V. shows as one reason why we think of certain people in certain ways. But on the whole, it seems that this group was having a hard time letting go of labels forever. Maybe Freak will change their mind, maybe not, we’ll see.


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