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Really good excuse, get this… May 20, 2008

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My ongoing saga towards some sort of permanence left me pretty drained of energy today.  I managed to get coverage for my last study hall class, but that still left me only 20 minutes to get home, change, and speed demon my way towards an interview in another town, only to arrive late and out of breath.  Not a good start, though the explanation I’m sure made a good impression…hi, i’ve been up since 5 a.m. this morning and have been teaching all day. There is absolutely no way you can say i have no experience. That’s not what I said, though it was what I was thinking.

But still my thoughts were pretty scattered, and I can only hope that I managed to sound fairly with it.

It was such an odd mix of questions.  It went from “who are your role models in life?” to “explain how bloom’s taxonomy and Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences is present in your lesson planning” to “Do you feel you are lucky?”  I did feel lucky.  Lucky that I knew enough to sound coherent about blooms taxonomy and who Howard Gardner is, neither of whom are my role models.

Thankfully, there is someone or something looking out for me, because tomorrow is a half-day schedule, and being as I’m still a lowly sub, I can go home at noon and catch up on sleep or grading or reading or life.


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