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Too many unanswered questions May 25, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Ms.M @ 9:10 pm

I wish I knew for sure that this place would be open for me next year.  If I was covering a maternity leave, I’d be pretty certain; I probably wouldn’t even consider the possibility.  But a sick leave causes nothing but a swinging door, a hanging question mark.  Not that I want someone to be too sick to go back to work, but I wish i didn’t have to scramble around looking for work, while working.  I’m up to rejection #3, not that I’m counting.  And I guess I could consider what I have now as being a positive experience.  At least one set of interviews panned out to something.

I wish you could get feedback on interviews.  Something more than: we’ve decided to move ahead with other candidates.  What exactly was it that made me not one of those candidates?


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