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Picking up on the local lingo June 3, 2008

Filed under: Education,Uncategorized — Ms.M @ 1:43 am

I think I’m finally starting to get some sense for things on what is now week 6 of my teacher takeover.  What an odd year it has been for me thus far, when I do stop to think about it.  Looking back on week one and two, I’ve never felt that discombobulated in my life.  Didn’t know the students, no materials, no real curriculum for me to follow, schedule confusion, no idea what each class had done…it was just weird.  When I did talk to other teachers, it’s like information only got to me in snippets, like I wasn’t really connected to the main pipelines of information so everything I gathered seemed out of place or foreign and it took some time to put things together.

And I guess that’s it, what it feels like for new teachers, like moving to a foreign country where you don’t really speak the language fluently. It’s a different culture, with a different language, and the natives aren’t all necessarily willing to lend a hand with your transitioning, at least not until you’ve proven you’re not a tourist who’s just checking out the scenery.


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