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two years later… July 23, 2008

Filed under: Dear Diary... — Ms.M @ 7:28 pm

In my sometimes futile attempts to be reflective, it seems that one idea comes to my mind more than any other about these past several years of graduate school.  I sometimes wonder if what it is that i’ve learned, more than anything else, is the terminology and jargon of teaching.  Whereas before I may have said that students should work together meaningfully in the classroom, now I know to call it cooperative learning, so that it sounds more official.  In my pre-educated mindframe I may have said that students have to be in charge of their own learning, and to have voice and choice for it to be meaningful, I can now throw out jargon like constructivist based learning and alternative forms of assessment.  I can point out more of the psychological underpinnings of what we call learning, the research behind different learning styles, multiple intelligences, and so on.  But in the end, I still struggle with making learning truly meaningful in the classroom, no matter what I choose to call it.  Hopefully, this disequilibrium will lead to some breakthroughs in my own learning in the next couple of years.


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