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YA books and such July 26, 2008

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I’ve decided to add a new page to this blog, mostly for myself. I’ve found that as a new middle school teacher, I’m interested in what’s out there in terms of books for young adults, and have been reading quite a bit of new and older books that have either been recommended to me, or that have for whatever reason been considered award winning. On the other hand, I find it difficult to keep track of the books I read, to remember what I liked or didn’t like about them, and what thematic connections books might have to other books. I thought creating a separate space to keep track of these sorts of things may be helpful. It’s currently empty, but hopefully in the near future, I’ll start filling it up with my current reads.


2 Responses to “YA books and such”

  1. Jen Says:

    Don’t forget Twilight! Yay, Stephenie Meyer.

  2. Ms.M Says:

    It’s on my list of books to read, thanks Jen :0)

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