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I’m moving to Finland! September 5, 2008

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I read an article in my local paper today, but really this is something I’ve been reading quite a bit about lately in a variety of places.  Finland’s excellent educational system, and Finland’s increasing success in general are making news. And educators around the world want to know why. Why are Finland’s students doing so well on the worldwide educational stage?

Reason #1: Finland recognizes their “human resources” as being their most important asset…meaning ALL of their citizens, not just a few.

Reason #2: Therefore, they realize that Education is a something that should be highly invested in…meaning putting resources into making the education of their people truly great not just truly ehh…ok.

Reason #3: They recognize that good schools are made up of great teachers first and foremost….not great administrators, or great consultants, but great teachers who put the interests of their students first.

Reason #4: They make sure their teachers are learners, highly educated themselves by a free education

Reason #5: They recognize the value of their teachers by providing them with an income comparable to other highly sought professionals (Imagine that).


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