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Is that a trick question? September 8, 2008

Filed under: Dear Diary... — Ms.M @ 7:03 pm

Filling out job applications for a teaching job has become quite the process. Truthfully, the hours and days I spend making sure everything is where it should be seem so wasteful, but a necessary evil. What three books am I currently reading? That seems like an easy question. But then I start wondering, should I put down what I’m actually reading? If I’m applying for a high school job and I list middle school YA books will I be automatically thrown into the no pile? Should I list “classics” or more contemporary books? Would putting non-fiction business titles as opposed to education titles make me seem non-committal to other educators?

It suddenly becomes a trick question. Maybe I’m over analyzing, but the question is there for a reason…I just don’t know what the reason is. I’m tempted to write nothing at all, or a brief statement about how wide my reading actually goes in all and many directions, thereby making it impossible to list just three…but that could quite possibly be construed as an inability to directly answer a question or to stick with one thing. Well they’d have me there.


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