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Really? It’s only getting better September 17, 2008

Filed under: Dear Diary...,Education — Ms.M @ 4:56 pm

I’ve been on a quest for the last month or so; it’s called fill out a teacher application as soon as I spot a new job opening. I recently ran into something new on my trecherous quest. For my last application I was asked to complete a sort of personality type survey, but with questions that apply to teaching. It was called TeacherInsight. Supposedly, how I answered these series of questions will determine whether or not my ability/philosophies/temperament is suitable for this particular job. According to the site, there are certain qualities that have been noted to be present amongst outstanding teachers. (If so, I wish someone would have given me the survey before two years and thousands of dollars of expenses).

It was multiple choice at first, where I was asked to pick the response that best matched my own ideas.  There were 4 choices for each question.  I had 50 seconds to answer each question. A couple of questions seemed fairly tricky (which may or may not prove a personality fault of mine). One question for example, and I may be breaking rules by elaborating, asked how I would let someone know I was an honest person. My first gut reaction would be to say that I would show this through my actions.  Unfortunately, that was not one of the choices. So now I had to decide which amongst the choices I would choose. Only one problem really; I didn’t like any of them. Does that mean that I am not an honest person? Does it mean I haven’t proven my honesty in the past? What in the world does it mean? Of course not answering the question at all seemed to be the worst of all possible choices. (She seems a bit dishonest if you ask me).

After that there was a more survey like section where I was asked to choose my level of agreement or disagreement to certain statements.

To make things all the more frustrating, I wasn’t offered any type of results or an idea as to how results would be tabulated. Is it assumed for example that there is only 1 “correct” response for each question, or is their a gradient of “correctness” for each question.

All I really know is that this teaching quest is really getting the best of me…and the suprises are endless.


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