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Becoming safely corporate September 21, 2008

Filed under: Quotes,Things to remember — Ms.M @ 2:04 am

“In dark moments I sometimes think that colleges function primarily as day-care centers for postadolescents. Under the guise of bestowing knowledge and credentials, colleges confine youth driven reckless by hormones, preventing the young from disrupting society. Students are so burdened by debt that they are forced into conventional patterns of behavior. By the time they pay off their student loans, they have aged into being safely corporate.”–Sam Pickering


5 Responses to “Becoming safely corporate”

  1. Hmmmm, now THAT is an interesting statement.

  2. Ms.M Says:

    I thought it was interesting too, which is why I posted it. Sam Pickering was actually a professor at Central, which makes it even more interesting for me. What makes it interesting for you?

  3. It’s interesting mostly in the fact that it’s true. And I didn’t realize how true it was until it was put in front of me (via your blog). It’s very very true. College is sorta a “holding tank”, helping us to become adults.

    I miss “us” (you, me, A, A, B, K) and the fun we used to have…

    Bickfords at 2 am anyone????

  4. Ms.M Says:

    That’s interesting. You put the quote in a very positive light. I interpreted what he was saying as being the exact opposite. If college students weren’t “confined” they’d be “disrupting society,” which may be what society needs every once in a while. Or at least what I took him to be saying. It’s interesting how people read different ideas from the same words. Thanks for sharing Jen.

    P.S. I do also miss “us” sometimes.

  5. Ha, and now, I can totally see what you’re saying and I see it in a negative light! It’s so funny how things can go back and forth, depending on the day and your mood!

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