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Why it sucks to be a new teacher (take 1) October 22, 2008

Filed under: Dear Diary... — Ms.M @ 1:11 pm

Although I’ve heard the 300 hundred applicants for every teaching position story, I don’t feel any better about being an unemployed teacher. I should be grateful that I’m getting calls for interviews, but I’d feel more grateful if they ended with a “You’re hired!” instead of a “You’ll hear from us within a week.” Why is it not surprising that the latter never gets carried out as stated? The scariest part is the longer I’m out of the classroom, the more out of practice I become, the less likely I am to actually learn from my mistakes and become a better teacher. Therefore, the less likely that I will be hired in the future, and it all becomes a big ugly cycle.

In truth, it is hard not to take it personally. I get to do my little tap-dance routine across the state, I get a few scattered claps, and then get to walk home hoping somebody liked the new moves I’ve been practicing (possibly a bad analogy, but that’s what it feels like). My brother said something interesting a few days ago, and he’s right. Getting a teaching job is like getting an acting job, or a modeling contract. You’re not interviewing, you’re auditioning. A portfolio with your best screenshots. Presenting a sample lesson to the director and other castmembers. Smiling your most winning smile. And always hoping you get that big break: your very own classroom.


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