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Why is getting a “real” job so tiring? October 30, 2008

Filed under: Dear Diary... — Ms.M @ 8:45 pm

Lately, I’ve gotten into a steady groove. Check certain websites. Send out resume and cover letter no more than a week after seeing job posting. Make sure to follow up on job, especially if I said I would. Go to interviews. Write thank you letters. Call to follow up. Rinse and repeat.

I’ve also been on a one interview a week spat as of late. All the piles of resumes I sent out are finally getting a look through. Hasn’t amounted to anything, but has increased my comfort level in interviews by ten fold. Of course it helps that the same questions seem to pop up again and again, and that they now don’t seem to come out of nowhere anymore. (Oh, I was supposed to ponder the meaning of life and work it down to three sentences…I’ll remember that for next time.)

Today I got an interesting call from a principal who got my name and number from another principal. Supposedly one I had spoken with, presented a lesson to, maybe? For whatever reason I didn’t make final cut, but I was good enough to pass along. I guess that’s something. There’s still hope.

Boy, do I need a break from this “break”. It almost feels like more work than actually working. Only a fellow job hunter, or recent job hunter could possibly understand.


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