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Small & cozy spaces November 11, 2008

Filed under: Education — Ms.M @ 4:44 pm

I remember when I was much younger, probably around eight or nine years old, maybe it started even younger than that, I liked to hide behind my dad’s recliner in the family room with the newspaper (the kiddie section or crossword) or a book, or a sketchbook. The recliner was sort of in the corner. It was a fairly small space, and I would sit there kind of tucked away where no one could see me. I liked to hide away in many different places outside and inside, but that was my most favorite place. Looking back, as an adult, I can’t imagine it being comfortable, but for some reason it was.

I think that’s one thing that always bothered me about school, especially when I was little. There was no places to hide away, and even if there were such a place, no one would ever let you go there. Everyday, all day, you had to be under someone’s scrutiny. With the class, or running around the gym, or in the loud lunch room. There were no cozy places. There were no hiding places.

If I ever built a school, completely from scratch, it would have those sorts of spaces. I think those spaces are important. I don’t know why, but reading a book in a space like that always made it better.


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