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Why having a Master’s does nothing for new teachers. November 17, 2008

Filed under: Dear Diary...,Education — Ms.M @ 11:40 am

I’ve realized, possibly a bit too late, that having a Master’s in education doesn’t do much good for a new teacher, in effect it actually works against them. Given how teacher pay scales work, a hiring committee will, likely, hire a new teacher with a Bachelor’s before a new teacher with a Master’s. Why should they pay more for someone with more knowledge about education and their content area, but just as much teaching experience? Especially with the way the economy is going, school systems have barely enough to get by, the last thing they need is smarter teachers…cheaper ones will do just fine in a fix (if you caught a hint of sarcasm in that sentence, you were very much correct).

Is it possible to not list a Master’s on a resume, but than bring it up in an “oh by the way…” manner once you get hired? I’m tempted to try that…


3 Responses to “Why having a Master’s does nothing for new teachers.”

  1. GirlWednesday Says:

    My DH feels the same way about having his MS in Criminal Justice…no one wants to hire someone with a lot of schooling and little experience. Oy. He wishes he’d never gone to school, but it was free and he thought (back then) it was a good idea.

    And they say education is never useless. I beg to differ…

  2. Ms.M Says:

    I agree that education can be useless, and as a student of education that’s almost hard to say. Maybe the saying should be “learning” is never useless, because that I still believe. Unfortunately education has become the piece of paper, the BA, MS, or Ph.D on a resume, and that’s fairly worthless to me…the learning–what I’ve experienced, read, thought about, debated, figured out for myself–as a student/teacher. Those are the things that make me not regret completely the choices I’ve made.

  3. GirlWednesday Says:

    Haha, you’re going against the grain! 🙂

    I agree with you on that second sentence, learning itself isn’t useless…but actually getting degrees? Ha, it seems like everyone out there is getting a master’s lately and it’s gotten to be just as commonplace as a HS diploma. I have two unfinished master’s degrees…and I used to feel badly for not finishing them…but now I ask, why bother?

    What sucks for DH, and won’t suck for you, is that his degree is pretty much NOT needed for most of the jobs he wants to do…you need a masters to teach. Then again, I don’t always believe that an advanced degree makes you better at a subject, either. (Another thing about DH, some of the jobs he did think about working at…are no longer an option b/c of his accident. so that means his pool is even smaller. *sigh*)

    Education…who would ever thought it could be such a mixed blessing?

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