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Bonus! November 24, 2008

Filed under: Books — Ms.M @ 5:53 pm

I decided to get rid of the book blog. It lasted all of two months. I think I had eight entries total, and to be honest I’ve seen much better book review blogs out there (who was I kidding!). True, it was mostly for my own benefit. I suddenly realized it was doing me very little good.

If I read a book I’m really excited about I’ll include it here. In reality, I don’t stick to YA books, so trying to create a blog that focused on YA books was a bit silly. There are many books I read that shake my thoughts up a bit though, and I’d serve myself (and others) better reflecting on why and how they did that than trying to review every single book I read, hoping to keep a running filing cabinet. So my learning about stuff is often about the books I read, therefore it’s only natural to keep it together.

Here’s to keeping all my thoughts together in one place. Feels better already.


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