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Learning is participating in, observing, & living history January 20, 2009

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There really shouldn’t be any school today, or if there is by necessity, the focus should be on this Inauguration. I know of a few local schools that have managed to get at least a handful of their high school aged students to D.C., mostly due to teachers who of their own initiative found ways to make it happen. There is no school-wide drive to make this happen; it really is individuals who go above and beyond.

I’ve also heard about one particular CT school who sent out permission slips to parents to ask whether or not it would be ok for their 4th graders to watch the Inauguration because it’s part of the 5th grade curriculum, not the 4th grade curriculum. The strange dichotomies of public schooling. I’m sure no parent knows what truly makes up either the 4th or 5th grade curriculum, and why in the world a presidential inauguration wouldn’t span all ages and grades.


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