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Week 3: What time is it? February 10, 2009

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It’s funny how easily two hours can seem like a really long time or a really short time depending on what you’re doing. My third pottery class went by so fast I really thought somebody had fiddled with the clock when I wasn’t looking (and my watch also; sneaky!). In the time it took to glaze my first mini-bowl (yay!), and add some decorative elements to my gravy bowl?/or otherwise difficult to categorize handled pouring container, the class was already almost over. That left me with only 30 minutes to try to add a footer to my thrown bowl (which turned out to be a fairly unsuccessful). And left only a minute to clean up and zero new pieces created.

The teacher promised to bring in her first attempt at mugs for the next class.  I heard they weigh close to 50 pounds and are monstrous.

I still love my bowl anyway; it’s got flaws, but it’s still fabulous.


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