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Alice Waters on 60 minutes March 16, 2009

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Alice Waters was on 60 minutes last night talking about the Slow Food movement and the need to return to healthy eating. She also talked about her push for putting a victory garden on the White House lawn. I think that would be awesome. I hope they do that. The video was mostly about Waters and her reasons for being so interested in food, but there was also some mention of the need to return to natural foods and to teach children about growing, cooking, and eating natural foods. The only thing that didn’t really get mentioned at all was the environment. There was plenty of talk about how eating organic and local makes for tastier food and healthier people. There was no mention of how eating those foods could be healthier for the planet. My only qualms, I guess with the interview.

The idea that was most powerful in the interview was the idea that we all make food choices, and some of the people who complain about how expensive organic/local foods are, are then more than likely to spend hundreds of dollars for several pairs of sneakers. It really is more about priorities than anything. Not for everyone, but for some people. For some people it’s about survival. But that’s part of what the movement is all about, making those foods more accessible.

Added 3/18/2009: Some other bloggers noticed, and I think in hindsight I have to agree, that although in her words Alice spoke about her desire to make natural food widely accessible to more people, this is not the image that she actually portrayed in the interview. And maybe this is more a way of living that she’s come to perceive as normal and accessible, so I can’t really judge, but I can’t imagine the average household having the means to place a working woodstove in their kitchens. It may harken back to bygone days, and is definitely more natural than a microwave, but I think it’s the image that people already have of natural or organic or even local foods…that they are for those wealthy enough to be able to afford putting a custom firepit in their kitchen.


3 Responses to “Alice Waters on 60 minutes”

  1. OK I just looked up her book on Amazon…I think you should totally try to incorporate her ideas into your classroom someday!

  2. Ms.M Says:

    what do you mean? Which book and which ideas are you referring to?

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