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Assessing Growth March 26, 2009

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Week 2-4

Week 2-4

Week 5-6

Week 5-6

I was looking through the things I was able to make in six weeks, and the time-line of when the object was created is almost obvious to me at first glance. Not only because it’s my stuff, and I know when I made it, but also because you can see the transition.  These three were what I consider to be my best work for each couple weeks…my portfolio if you will, my growth as a learner of this craft. Both the pottery itself in shape and texture became smoother and more complex. As I became comfortable with the clay it was easier to experiment with shapes, to add layers, handles, etc.  The glaze work also became better and better as the weeks progressed. Although that seemed harder to master than the clay itself. I did not realize how unpredictable glaze was. I have a cup that looks volcanic as proof of that fact. Definitely an interesting looking cup, but nowhere near what I was going for. Surprisingly, I grew to like the hand formed look, maybe because the wheel proved trickier than I ever imagined, but I’ll get that too someday.


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