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NaPoWriMo March 31, 2009

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It’s been a few years since I’ve written poetry on a regular basis. I definitely have continued to read poetry, and I’ve written lesson plans for poetry units, but writing poetry has gone to the back burner. Unfortunate, but true. It’s one of those crazy things about teaching language arts; you become less likely to participate in the reading and writing that got you there in the first place. But now that I’m not teaching or studying teaching full-time I have a window of opportunity to get back into basic poetry training. I guess that would be considered part of my teaching studies, if like me you think teachers should actually participate in the literary world.

This April is poetry month. Every April is poetry month. But you knew that I’m sure! Actually, that’s a silly thing to say, I know, because every month is poetry month, but like everything else that gets short-changed, poetry is conveniently tucked away into a month and all but forgotten the rest of the year…by many many people…like, dare I say, Black History month.

Anyway, I found this website which is doing a writing challenge: NaPoWriMo: 30 Poems in 30 days, and I’ve decided to participate. So from tomorrow on there will be poetry posts, interspersed amongst all else that gets thrown together here. I probably won’t display a poem everyday, but I do want to try for that. No Haikus either…sorry, they’re just not my thing.


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