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force of life April 1, 2009

Filed under: napowrimo — Ms.M @ 6:22 pm

Prompt: Right now, at this very minute, list five things in front of you. In front of you being a relative term: on your desk, on your arm, out your window … . Choose the two most disparate things and yoke them together into a fabulous metaphor. Now, use it in a poem.

Once the tree’s root wracked with growing spasms

Brought life to packed dirt, pushing through all:

the portal to existence itself.

In her branched family history lies everything you are,

The tendency for struggling under your own weight,

Or for attracting pesky squirrels.

Though you, a mere shoot, may have long lain in her shadow,

She was and is unwavering strength.

Years upon years of cycles

Until you met each other eye to eye,

But hers forever deeper and more seasoned.

She is the mirror to your past and future self

And the calming force of life.


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