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Caught April 4, 2009

Filed under: napowrimo — Ms.M @ 8:10 am

Here’s today’s challenge: find five verbs and five nouns from one subject area, and use them to write about another subject.


It is always the same beginning:
Finding ample bait, or a few
Tested lures
That have never failed you, and
Filling up with a sense of purpose
That you hope will lead you to that true
Fishing hole.
But once the weight hits water
And the hook sinks below the surface
You begin to reel in the
Sea of the unconscious mind
And it takes all your strength
Just to hold the rod steady.
Past successes and failures swim
Past you in quick succession
And you begin to wonder if one bite
Is worth the effort, or
One catch worth the time.
Until something strikes, from
Who knows where,
And out it jumps from below the surface,
Leaving you only with one thought:
That this one you will catch,
hold high in the air,
Barely able to lift it, it’s that heavy,
And you’re caught.


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