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I come from April 14, 2009

Filed under: napowrimo — Ms.M @ 7:43 am

Prompt: Today, think about where you grew up. The country, the state, the town, the street, the house, the bedroom, the bed. Write a poem that shows where you come from in all its unique glory.

I come from:

Multi-family, three stories stacked
Bilingual, trilingual, make up your own-lingual
A fifth grade essay about the cracks in the sidewalk
I saw walking all the way to the
Corner store for the essentials:
Candy, baseball cards, gum
War games in the “helicopter” bush and
Refusing to play nurse

I come from:

Fresh baked, home made, home grown
hand picked, ready for canning
Tomatoes bigger and brighter
than stop signs
Getting the strayed soccer ball out
of the garden on tip-toes
with one person always on watch.
Not it!


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