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this morning April 28, 2009

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The park was full of people this morning; it’s this crazy weather. Birds were singing and the breeze was warm even before nine. My two old guys, I still don’t know their names, showed up this morning, looking dapper. They don’t appear to have changed all that much from last year, one was holding the usual peanut bag, the other had on a new hat. You have to love a neighborhood park, just for that sort of continuity. Of course seeing that requires more than just showing up, sticking headphones in your ears, and speeding around the track. Actually paying attention to a park is a wonderful thing.

You could say it’s the people that make a park. An empty park is a very different place all together. It’s a give and take sort of thing. But if the park was too crowded, that would probably bring with it other challenges and also change its character. I guess that’s the difficulty of communities, finding that balance.


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