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How do you build community with a blog? April 29, 2009

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When I was still a new blogger, not really interacting with or even necessarily reading other blogs regularly, using a tool like Google Reader was really not essential. I followed a few RSS feeds, but otherwise only popped into blogs when and if the idea struck me. Keeping track of comments or “the conversation” didn’t really cross my mind all too much. Rarely did I even pay much attention to other readers comments unless there was a post that seemed to have created multiple comments. Adding my own comments was also a rarity. Most often, I was writing against something the blogger had written only because I didn’t see the point of writing to agree. Commenting about other comments? Why?

Now I have quite a few subscriptions in my Google Reader and find it to be so much easier to keep track of new posts and comments. I’ve found that it has completely changed the way I look at blogs. For quite some time I saw blogs as independent entities. A place to share writing and ideas, yes, but mostly amongst close friends or colleagues. It was personal and locked and that was that. Now, or more recently, I’ve seen how much more interactive blogs can be and the community that can be created around a blog. I’m not saying this is true of all blogs; it’s definitely not true of my own blog necessarily, but it is possible, I see that now.

Of course getting to that point with my own blog is what I have yet to figure out. I’d gladly welcome ideas or input.


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