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Incites at the end of “Poetry Month” May 1, 2009

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Poetry month is sadly over. Did I write 30 poems? No, more like 10. Did I write everyday? Hardly. But, I did fall back in love with poetry, and loved reading what others had written, so I consider it irrelevant whether or not I stuck to the one poem a day “challenge”. I think the one thing that makes poetry truly powerful is that it asks us to view the world, the everyday, in a new light. That’s what I love about poetry. Some people love playing with language and syntax. Some people love the rhythm and flow of the words. I like the perspectives.

When people say they hate poetry, I think this is what they most hate. That and they assume that their must be some hidden “meaning” that they’re definitely missing. Letting go of this idea is the first step, letting go of your surety about the world being as you alone see, taste, touch, etc. it is the second. Only then can you truly love a poem for all it is worth.


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