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VoiceThread discussions May 15, 2009

Filed under: Books,Education — Ms.M @ 9:02 am

I’m really impressed with Tempered Radical‘s use of VoiceThread to hold a discussion over several days surrounding a particular book, Transforming School Culture by Anthony Muhammad. The participation for this particular discussion seemed to be fairly strong. What’s great about VoiceThread is that participants can leave either spoken or written comments and can really jump in and ask questions or answer questions when they have that time in the day which, with the differing time zones, can very well be different for everyone involved.  Also, since there is a slide component to it, individuals could post comments to the particular segments of the conversation which were most of interest to them. From what I could follow of this conversation, a great deal depended on the participants (teachers in a variety of locations) who added their input to the discussion, and who really made the discussion relevant to their own daily lives as teachers and change agents . It was also great that the author could be involved as well, because it added an extra dimension to the whole thing.

I’ve seen VoiceThread used by teachers in several different ways, including book talks and student projects, but this was the first time that I’ve seen it utilized by teachers for teachers.


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