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open or closed? part II May 28, 2009

Filed under: Education — Ms.M @ 3:57 pm

I was trying to think about what was missing with the opencourseware sites that are now available, besides their being very limited of course. And I know that the university itself doesn’t want to make these courses too open, allowing for interaction with professors for example, otherwise what would be the point in handing over the dough. But why can’t these spaces be more interactive than they currently are? What’s wrong with that?

I guess, in theory, anyone that wanted to could gather up a group of people who were all interested in one particular topic and use those resources to make the learning interactive, meeting in other spaces to discuss/share, but why can’t that be incorporated into the actual sites.  If expanding learning is really the goal, and if allowing the knowledge of these institutions to reach globally is the goal, than why not make it so anyone who finds these resources useful can at the same time interact with others who also find it useful, thereby increasing the chances that the learning may lead to something greater?


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