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Unsustainability June 19, 2009

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“In our culture, where control is considered to be important and valuable, the authoritative structure is also difficult to change. Since many measures of success are based on the quantity of some resource like money and goods, holding on to the ability to command such resources is one of the most dominant values on our culture. It is very difficult to foresee any way to change this situation as long as happiness is measured primarily in terms of whatever set of tangible assets one commands.”

Sustainability by Design by John R. Ehrenfeld, p.92-93

My a-ha from this book thus far has been this: decreasing unsustainability, does not automatically lead to to sustainability, especially when the underlying structure, or system that created the unsustainabilty in the first place remains unchanged. One example that was given was a business that presented their new practice at a sustainable business conference of recycling the cardboard boxes in which their products were shipped, but when asked about whether or not the products themselves could be made to be more recyclable had no real understanding of why or how that could or should be possible.

Diminishing unsustainability is currently our focus more so than creating sustainability.


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