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Sign Here:___________ July 14, 2009

Filed under: Dear Diary... — Ms.M @ 7:09 pm

Looks like I will be doing LARGE amounts of reading the rest of this summer. Good practice, I’m sure, for what will undoubtedly be an ever growing pile of things to read throughout the school year, from student papers to the mail in my office mailbox. Today I met with the assistant superintendent who, besides having me sign on the dotted line, handed over the paperwork I need to read to know what’s what…contract, benefits, etc.  I haven’t had health benefits in almost five years! A risky move on my part? Probably, but thankfully one that didn’t come with any major consequences to my personal health or my pocket. But that could have definitely back-fired on me. Anyway, point being, I haven’t had to make choices about what health plan to choose ever.

I also have yet to get access to the 6th grade curriculum, another part of my summer reading, but hopefully that will happen within the next week so I can get started with planning, reading materials, etc….I honestly don’t know how some people do it when they get hired the week before or even the first week or month into the school year (not unheard of). I’m thankful that I get this month or so to at least process the usual new job stuff, let alone the teaching stuff.

Do I know what I’ve gotten myself into? Not really. I guess I’ll have to expect that most of what comes up this year is going to be new to me. Some of it of course won’t be, but the great majority of things will be new to me. The interesting thing is that I’m teaching 6th graders, who are all entering the school for the first time, who are also just starting out as middle schoolers, and who get the “privilege” of going from class to class and otherwise getting a huge jump in self-sufficiency compared to their elementary days. We’re kinda in the same boat.

Jumping in head first seems to have become a way of life for me…I don’ t know when that started, I was such a dip big toe in the water first person. I guess that’s part of the whole teaching thing; you’re either all in or nothing.


2 Responses to “Sign Here:___________”

  1. You will do great! Looking forward to chatting with you in person about this new adventure. So excited for you, too!

    (FWIW, my aunt got her very first teaching job with less than 24 hours notice to prepare. The afternoon on the day before school started. Just out of college. I think you’re in a much better place, given all of your other experiences 😉 )

  2. Ms.M Says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m so beyond excited and relieved that I can’t honestly put it into words. I’m sure I’ll have many stories to share with you this year and next, lol.

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