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An unplanned, but great, Friday August 8, 2009

Filed under: Dear Diary... — Ms.M @ 8:22 am

I had such a incredibly relaxed day yesterday. I’ve been back and forth to school, and next week will be more of that, and the week after that more…until finally school starts and I’m on full-tilt. So, it was nice to just go out, no real plans, and not feel at all like there was a need to be somewhere and do something. It started out with my mom and I talking about how we had not been to L & J yet this year, and what a beautiful day it was.

So we made a very vague plan to take a drive and eat there for lunch, and then just see what the day would bring. On the way there we ran into a random local fair that we knew nothing about, and decided once we finished eating we would just stroll through and see what was being sold in the arts and crafts area. That’s always fun for me. I almost never buy anything, but I like to see what people can actually make with their hands when they have the time, creativity, and motivation to try. There were fun and funky magnets that I almost bought, but decided against it after touching almost every piece at least twice.(I should have bought at least one!)

More and more I’ll see things now and say, hmm…that might be nice for the classroom. I have to reign myself in or I’m very likely to spend my first paycheck on things more experienced teachers have realized are not really that important. Not that some decoration is not important, just going overboard is very easy(for me anyway), and there should be some time spent on function as well. Sixth grade classrooms are so much on the border line. High School teachers seem to care very little about what their classrooms look or feel like. Elementary school teachers spend a great deal of time on making their classes colorful and appealing. Middle school teachers are kind of 5o/50….some do and some don’t. I’m a bit selfish when it comes to what the classroom I’m in for most of the day looks and feels like– I’m as much thinking about myself and my own sanity as I am about the kids.

Anyway, after we walked through the fair, we saw a sign that said the farmer’s market in town just happens to be on Friday, and just 5 minutes from opening. So we went there. Bought a few things…including 2 fairly large cookies, and sat on a park bench until we got tired of eating and strolling and eating some more, and we made our way back home.

I have to say that not having any set in stone plan, besides what direction we were heading in, turned out great…though I’m very much aware it could have been otherwise. Note to self: more vaguely planned outings/days should be part of my future.


3 Responses to “An unplanned, but great, Friday”

  1. I know this entry is a month old, but I cannot figure out what L & J is!!!!

  2. Ms.M Says:

    hahaha…Lenny & Joe’s. I was being cryptic.

  3. LOL I know you were being cryptic…hopefully I didn’t “out” you or anything.

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