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Where’s the start button? August 29, 2009

Filed under: Year One — Ms.M @ 8:03 am

I survived new teacher orientation.

I got to meet another newbie who’s teaching 8th grade english this year, unfortunately not in my building, but yay for technological communication!

My room is looking good, I must say…although that’s probably because it has yet to pass the- classroom full of students coming in and out- test.

I have some sort of organizational system in place for the massive amounts of paper…something I didn’t have the last time around, and came to regret mightily.

My activities are ready for the first three day week, and second 4 day week.

I’m feeling confident. (I almost wrote “pretty confident”, and then realized that would be an oxymoron of sorts ;0) )

I’m excited to get started.


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