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Balanced September 20, 2009

Filed under: Year One — Ms.M @ 3:07 pm

I’m sure I’m not unique in having a variety of wants that are often fighting for my time and attention, that are even working against each other more often than not. That’s definitely often true of my weekends.

On the one hand, I want to have the opportunity to have a full weekend not bombarded by thoughts of what I’m going to be doing in the week ahead. On the other hand, I want to have a well planned week, so that I’m not scrambling every night to plan, and so that I know, in a general sense, what I hope to accomplish with students before the week ends. Even if we don’t necessarily get there, or even if I mid-week realize that we’re aiming for the wrong goals and we try for something different; it’s something with which I want to start the week because it’s kind of hard to reevaluate, when you’re not sure what you’re expecting in the first place.

This weekend I went out of town…out of state even. And it was nice, because I know that it’s easy for me to fall into 24/7 nagging thoughts about what I need to do next. I’ve realized that teachers are expected to have extraordinary organizational powers, but that shutting off for a day, though difficult, is important. I can’t say that in that entire day/night span I at no point thought about what the week ahead would hold, but I think I did do a good job of not letting it take over.  Now that I’m back home, I can spend time getting ready for the week without thinking about what I’m missing out on, or where I could be instead.

It’s really a win win this weekend.


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