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Let simmer overnight September 30, 2009

Filed under: Year One — Ms.M @ 3:37 pm

It looks like I didn’t get the whole story yesterday. Today we had a quick review of both types of conflict and I was surprised to hear students bringing up things that other people had written/drawn on the board. In one class when I did a quick review of internal conflict students mentioned the drawing one student had done with a person pulling hair out of his head because he’s so torn on what to do he’s going crazy. This had brought out a laugh yesterday when we reviewed the board, as had the person with steam shooting out of his/her ears, and it brought out another laugh today in the remembering. Another student mentioned a connection that a student had made between internal conflict and Jekyll and Hyde, which I thought was interesting, but I didn’t think it had made a lasting impression. Most students didn’t know the Jekyll and Hyde story, so I let the student share the story with the class. It looks like the story stuck.

The value of chalk talk took a day of ruminating to come to the surface.


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