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Live like a reader January 1, 2010

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Last year, for the new year (2009), I decided to write a post about some personal goals instead of resolutions. It was not necessarily about changing the “bad” qualities or habits in my life, is was more about reaching for what I, at the time, thought would make my life more fulfilling and positive. I can’t say for sure that the three goals I decided to write were accomplished–they were, after all, created to be intentionally open-ended–but I can say that they were moreso a part of my life this year than they were the year before. And I think that that counts for something.

So here we are in a new year, and a whole decade has been lived through–experienced for all it’s worth: ten whole years! Wow, ten years ago I was up in Providence, had probably just finally decided on a major, but still waited until the day of the deadline for undeclared majors, such as myself, to stop being so damn undecided about their futures and pick something already! (and only then did I declare myself an English major, because they told me I wouldn’t ever graduate if I didn’t pick something). I think I spent the bulk of the decade that followed searching for myself, which made for some definite highs and lows, but somehow or other I’ve come out the other end of it the same but also a completely different person (which is probably as it should be).

Cut to 2010: You know, it’s amazing how life goes! You know how people say you don’t really learn something until you try to teach it? Well often times now, in the course of these few months, I’ve thought about this process of reading and writing, and how it connects to life in general. Reading, for example, is just like life.  It’s about continuously trying to make meaning out of sections of a greater whole, searching for connections, and asking questions. It’s about  picking up on the details–but also looking for a bigger picture, getting stuck and looking back to see what came before, and predicting what could possibly come next (and being surprised when you were wrong!). Reading is like life because it can pleasantly surprise you, it can sometimes make no sense, and it can one day seem too long and the next day whiz right by. And most of all, reading is like life because you don’t truly know the ending until you get there, and sometimes even then you’re not so sure.

My goal for 2010 is to live like a reader.


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