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April = Poetry+Earth March 27, 2010

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We’re heading into April, and in April there is National Poetry month. Last year, I tried to participate in NaPoWriMo by attempting to write a daily poem and post to this blog. It was actually kind of fun, not that anything extraordinary came out of it. I’m still trying to decide if I want to try for the same this year. I’m obviously more busy this year than I was last, so it would be more of a challenge. We’ll see.

April also contains Earth Day. Just yesterday, I showed my students a video about the “Pacific Garbage Patch”. They were completely shocked. It was perfect because many of them had chosen sea turtles as the endangered animal that they wanted to learn more about and present to the class. So many of them were aware that plastic bags and those sorts of things could hurt sea animals, but I think it was completely different for them to actually see the the plastic in the water. Their question: Why isn’t anything being done about that? Good question. That to me leads to greater awareness than empty talk about recycling and reusing.


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