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Sharing stories September 8, 2011

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Stories. That’s really what I love. My day can sometimes seem chaotic, my brain overfull of to-do lists. It’s nice to get a bit of a pause from the handouts, procedures, expectations, etc. that come with the start of a school year. It’s nice to start to find out about the lives, minds and hearts, of those who will travel through at least this year with me.

My writer’s notebook made its debut today as I shared my writing territories with my class before they made a list of their own. I added childhood memories I thought I’d forgotten: the hollowed bush where my cousins and I could imagine ourselves pilots; the candy at the corner store. I added favorite objects, places, people. I added experiences and worries and pet peeves. As I pointed out a few of the things on my list, each naturally became a narrative for me to share. The bare bones of a narrative, but still a narrative. I learned so much about my students today, and they learned a great deal about each other, I hope.


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