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September is a slow reading month September 12, 2011

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Every September I’m reminded of how hard it is to be a teacher and a reader at the same time. What was a book read every few days becomes a book read every other week or so. What was over 15 books in a month becomes a handful. And every year I tell myself that I am capable of doing it all, that I can read and teach and write and teach, or even that I can be a better teacher if I read and wrote more regularly. (Although those teachers that manage to write whole books amaze me!) But I always fail miserably. It all hits me in September.

Once again, I beguile students with all my summer reads only to fall short as a teacher-reader for most of the rest of the school year (minus breaks of course). Once again I have to set a reading routine otherwise I would probably read hardly any books of all (minus professional resources, of course). At least this year I’ve amassed such a collection of  summer reads that I could feasibly get a free pass until October. (Just kidding)



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